49-Years-Old Man Arrested for Driving in Florida Ocean Waters

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A 49-year old man was arrested for driving his vehicle into the ocean waters of Florida.

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More Details About the Incident

According to Fox 35 Orlando, 49-year-old Jason BrzuszkiewiczThe morning of February 6, the beach gates at Smyrna Beach Beach in Florida were bypassed.

Brzuszkiewicz’s Dodge Ram pickup was filmed driving onto the shoreline and into high tide waters. According to the outlet the man did this for more than a minute.

The footage also reportedly shows him trying to do a donut while in the water.

The clip ends with a number of medical response vehicles arriving on the scene.


More Information Regarding The 49-Year-Old’s Arrest & Charges

According to Fox 35 Orlando, The Volusia Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit notes that Brzuszkiewicz did not pay the toll fee to enter the location. The affidavit also alleges that the man told authorities he was a thief. “wanted to drive on the beach.”

The outlet reports Brzuszkiewicz’s arrest and charges of failure to pay access fee.

The 49-yearold man was taken to Volusia Branch Jail on a $200 bond. His white pickup truck was also towed.

Volusia County Recently Booked FacebookThis is not the first arrest of Brzuszkiewicz this week. According to Recently Booked, the man was also arrested on Sunday, February 4th.

The 49-year old was arrested at the time for allegedly stealing less than $1,000 from an innkeeper.

Another Recent Incident in Florida

As reported previously by The Shade Room. Michael Banks is accused of shooting his mother and her best friend after he revealed that he wanted to have an incestuous relation with his 17-year old daughter.

According to the Tampa Bay TimesBanks heard his mother and a friend discussing leaving the house with the teenager. Later, it became clear that the mother talked about kicking her violent son out of their home.

The man killed his mother’s friend before injuring his mother and daughter with gunfire.

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