Companies Hope Super Bowl AI Commercials Succeed With Viewers

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Artificial intelligence continues to make  headlines, from the FCC banning AI-faked voicesPaul McCartney uses AI to create robocalls final Beatles song. AI is also present in Sunday’s Super Bowl. It can be seen in some of those famous commercials during the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers match.

Some ads show how AI can help their products. Others use AI to create their ads. At least one pokes fun at AI. Here are some AI-related ads. Check out our collection of Watch all the Super Bowl advertisements now.

Microsoft Copilot: Watch Me

Microsoft’s “Watch Me!” commercial promotes Microsoft Copilot, the company’s AI assistant that is found in Windows 11 and plays off the notion that AI will replace creatives and artists. In this advertisement, people ask AI to help them finish their movie, play a video game, or study for a test.

Google Pixel 8 – ‘Javier In Frame’

You may not have considered how those with impaired sight are able take photos. Google offers an accessibility feature known as Guided FrameGoogle AI will alert users when there are faces in the frame. Adam Morse – with an ending voiceover provided by blind singer and musician Stevie Wonder – explains the feature in a Super Bowl ad.

CrowdStrike: ‘The Future’

CrowdStrike’s ad takes them back to the Old West, where they show how AI can be used for security. When creepy Star Wars looking robots attempt to attack the village, one lone female armed with CrowdStrike’s AI powered cybersecurity shuts them down fast.

Etsy: ‘Gift Mode’

Ah, it’s a great time to (gently) poke fun at the French. In Etsy’s Super Bowl commercial, Americans about receive the Statue of Liberty choose what to give to their French friend using Etsy’s AI powered Gift Mode. Spoiler: It’s cheese.

Avocados from Mexico: ‘Guac-AI-Mole’ site

Avocados from Mexico is one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials in recent years. (In 2015, a College football draft spoofShowed Australia drafting kangaroos, the US going with wheat, and Mexico, well, avocados. The company’s website promotes “Guac-AI-mole“, where AI generates recipes for guacamole based on the information provided by users.

Body Armor: “Field of Fake”

There’s at least one advertisement that uses AI solely to poke fun at this concept. You’ve probably seen enough AI videos to know that some are unnervingly bad. They have creepy voiceovers and clearly fake creatures and human beings. BodyArmor by Coca-Cola tackles AI in this way, with random AI-sounding phrases like “Teammate Trust Tackle Ball”, while showing a footballer dunking a ball on the gridiron. The commercial then sneers “Artificial?” No!” It claims that “nothing should be artificial in sports” before promoting the “real flavors, real sweeteners” of its drinks.

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