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360 degree rotation auto
face tracking tripod

Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Stick 360° Object Tracking Holder All-in-one Rotation Face Tracking Camera Phone Holder

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Pay attention to details

1.The 360 object tracking smart shooting phone holder must be used together with the smart phone.

2. It is recommended to use a single scene, with the best tracking effect.

3 do not move the face/object too fast the current tracking area is a cyan square area.


Buy Now At 1299 Only/-


Portable Auto-tracking Smart Capture Selfie Sticks, 360 Rotation Auto Face
Tracking Camera Smart Shooting Camera Auto take picture Phone Holder

360° Rotation intelligent

the frame can switch shooting modes and 
can shoot from multiple angle

  • 360° rotation provides more shoot angle.
  • Auto object tracking allow users do not need assistance, making video about user self is more easy and convenient.
  • AI composition on the video, making you become master of filming.
  • Built in battery design provides wireless condition.
    Smart photography technology brings wonderful shooting experience.
  • Compatible with youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok etc.
  • Apai Genie smart mobile phone holder is best option for selfie, Vlog makers, live stream.

Buy Now At 1299 Only/-

Key Future Object Tracking Holder

【Obect tracking holder】

If you encounter these problems: you can’t record video without a photographer; you can’t take photos by yourself; when you need to release your hands, the fixed bracket is not flexible; you will be tired if you hold the video call for too long, all these 360 auto face tracking camera holder mount and object tracking camera phone holder will help you solve the problem, Let your phone follow you, Take a selfie and no longer ask for help.

【Face tracking and intelligent shooting】

Face tracking holders introduce the AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation into intelligent shooting,360 degrees rotate around and automatically recognize the person / PET. When you go, the mobile phone will turn to where you want to go, set the pose, and take pictures automatically at a fixed time of 3 seconds.Great for Lectures,Sporting Events,Presentations.Group Photos,Adventure Shots,Instagram,Facebook Live,Vlogging.

【object tracking,intelligent tracking】

cell phone selfie stick can track and shoot real-time objects, follow the displacement of objects, for example, when the dog is moving, the mobile phone also follows the dog, and then automatically shoot.What a great surprise to get a high quality professional selfie stick,everyone can use it and will love it.

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Buy Now At 1299 Only/-


 360 Rotation Auto Face Tracking Smart Shooting Camera Holder Selfie Stick Compatible with All iPhone and Android Phone (Black)


Max Thompson

The tracking on this device was very disappointing, both in speed and audible sound picked up in video. It technically does allow for selfie recording and the app was quick to install, but from a practicality standpoint this missed the mark for me. Definitely will be seeking a refund for this underwhelming product.


Christina Silverman

f it were any more expensive, I’d send it back.
It does work: it tracks your face and it spins.
But you can hear the motor on the video when it’s moving, it ONLY tracks your face, so if you turn around, it stops… and you have to move slowly or it’ll lose you and stop.
You can only use their own App with it, and the camera quality is bad. It takes 3AAs, but at least they’re rechargeable.


Natalie Marlowe

The product is great, It’s easy to do the beautiful selfie with it since you don’t need to hold the cell phone anymore. And it can trace your face as well,it can capture your face even when your turn your face. I highly Recommend this prodefor those who love playing selfie and making selfie videos. I tried it to make baking video and it perfect for that because it doesn’t need anyone to hold a cellophone for me.


Edgardo Emerick

I wish I could leave this review with 0 stars. THIS DOES NOT DO ANYTHING THE SELLER CLAIMS! I bought a new phone (unrelated), app has been updated, and it still only tracks in the app, and POORLY. Does not track with any other app. Paper weight. Trash. I’m stuck with it now because I thought I was doing something wrong DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME. Cannot Zoom, broadcast, anything it says. It’s all a LIE!!

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