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Google made a few big changes to its ChatGPT rivals late last week, and they’re all for the better. The Bard brand is gone. Google GeminiDuet AI is now replacing it. Duet AI is also going to be called Gemini inside Google’s productivity apps. Then there’s Gemini Advanced is the new ChatGPT plus equivalent. Google One, its cloud storage product, bundles its best AI with the $20 subscription. 

Google Gemini replaces Google Assistant on Android devices if you enable it. Over on iPhone, where Siri is the default virtual assistant, there’s no dedicated Google Gemini app yet. Gemini may already be hiding on your iPhone. Google app. It turns out it’s incredibly easy to enable Gemini on the iPhone and get it working.

Google App allows you to perform online searches from your iPhone. Google Lens and voice searches are included. It is logical to bundle Google Gemini with the app. I would say, however, that a standalone Gemini iOS app would be even better.

Gemini is free by default. You don’t need to upgrade to the priciest Google One cloud storage plan to get access to Gemini.

Google App on iPhone includes Gemini

Gemini will only work if you are signed in to your Google account. That means you can’t use Gemini without an account or in incognito mode.

To get started with Gemini on iPhone, just load the Google app after you’ve made sure you’re running the most recent version. If Gemini has been rolled out to your account, you’ll see a tab at the top of the app, as illustrated in the screenshot below. This toggle allows you to switch between Google Search or Gemini.

Google App for iPhone lets you choose Google Search or Gemini. Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR

You can’t miss it. Google Search tab contains the word “Search”It has a Google logo next to it. Google Gemini’s tab has a blue-colored star. 

To get started, you’ll have to agree to the terms of service, which tell you that Google will collect all Google Gemini data to improve the AI model. We’ll get to that later. 

Once you’ve agreed, you can chat with Google Gemini on iPhone via keyboard or voice. You can start chatting by tapping the appropriate icon. 

You can talk to Gemini via text or voice. You can add images as well.
Gemini can be contacted via voice or text. You can also add pictures. Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR

You’ll also be able to upload images for multimodal chats with Google. 

Privacy Considerations

You can’t use Google Gemini on iPhone without agreeing to Google’s data collection. Here’s what Gemini tells you about it during setup on iPhone.

Gemini Activity is where I store our chats, and any related data including location and context information. Google uses your data for improving its services and technology, with the help of human reviewers. Data that is reviewed by human beings is detachable from your Account, and it’s saved for three years. Don’t enter things you don’t want viewed or used.

Furthermore, Google says that you can turn Gemini Activity off if you don’t want Google to use it to improve Gemini. Data is still stored for 72 hours to ensure safety and reliability. You can visit This linkGemini app activity can be stopped by logging into your Google account. 

Google Gemini will collect all your data by default, but you can prevent it.
Google Gemini will automatically collect all of your data, but you can prevent this. Image source: Chris Smith from BGR

Google has also a support documentHere it explains the handling of Google Gemini data. 

Another thing

Like I said before, there’s no way to replace Siri with the Google Gemini assistant on the iPhone. This is where the Action button of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max comes in. 

You can set the Action button to open the Google app on your iPhone, which means you’ll have quicker access to Google Gemini. If you’re planning to use Gemini on your iPhone frequently, the shortcut is worth considering. 

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