Juxtapoz Magazine presents “Inkblots & Feeling Charts”, which are both universal and deeply personal.

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We are always looking in the mirror. In this modern world, we are always looking in the mirror. Consider it. Social media, self-help, advice, therapy, feelings, relationships, family, and sharing sharing sharing sharing until we can’t seem to even find what it is that we originally were seeking, seems to be the definition of the times. We are constantly confronted with a lack of or a lack of self-esteem. There is something beautiful about the way that Timothy CurtisIn his first museum exhibition, he lets himself be vulnerable as well as a little critical. Inkblots & Feeling ChartsCurrently, you can view the. Atlanta Contemporary

Curtis uses the same marks and faces in his graffiti to create an understanding of his own incarceration 10 years ago. He is no longer able to maintain a distance from himself in these works. Instead, he is visibly bare. You can see him in the studio working out these feelings, understanding himself as a person who is evolving but also an artist. What do you bring from your past with you? What are you feeling in the moment? What is something that we can all relate to about feelings and desires, but also use it as a model for others? Curtis’s own growth since his cover story in JuxtapozThis is a man who has charted his own path. From his early years to his rise to become a truly unique contemporary artist, this is someone who is charting their own path. He has literally given us the blueprint for how he is going about it. —Evan Pricco

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