Star Trek challenged Jennifer Morrison with a devastating scene in her audition

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Morrison was not given a Trek sequence where her character is on a Starfleet ship, nor were there references to aliens, or any other “Star Trek’ trappings. Instead, she received a scene that asked her to play notes of terror, fear, and sacrifice. These were emotions “translated” from Winona Kir’s scenes on board the U.S.S. Kelvin. Morrison said: 

“They gave me sides which had nothing to do the movie. They just had a lot emotions that I guess would be comparable to the emotional journey the character would go through in the film. […]It was a crazy scenario where I was supposed t be in some kind of water thing, and the walls were closing. We only had a single air tank. I wanted him to have the air tank, and he wanted it to be me. “I had to watch him die while I took the tank, then I had swim with him until I got him to shore. Then I had to revive him.”

It sounds like an exciting scene. I’d be curious to find out who wrote it. Morrison revealed it is difficult to write a scene like that in an office. The Paramount lotMelrose, Hollywood, California. “This is a lot,” said she, “when you only have a room, a chair, and a camera.” It was one of those situations where you had to go all in or you would look like a crazy individual. She went for it, and she got the role. 

Morrison’s filmography suggests that she has never stopped working. Well done.

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