The correct order to watch The Police Academy movies

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The “Police Academy”, movies are all numbered except for the seventh. As such: 

  • “Police Academy” (1984)
  • “Police Academy 2”: Their first assignment (1985).
  • “Police Academy 3 Back in Training” (1986).
  • “Police Academy 4 Citizens on Patrol” (1987).
  • “Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach” (1988)
  • “Police Academy 6 City Under Siege” (1989).
  • “Police Academy: A Mission to Moscow” (1994)

Ruby-Spears (the company behind “Turbo Teen,” Pound Puppies,” and Alvin and the Chipmunks”) released an animated series “Police Academy” that lasted two seasons and 65 episodes. It did not feature any of the actors who starred in the live action film. The animated series ran concurrently with “City Under Siege”, released in March 1989. The final episode was broadcast in September 1989. It seems that a combination of two subpar sequels and a bad TV show pushed “Police Academy”, causing it to be overexposed, and the audience began to drift away. “City Under Siege”, the final nail in the coffin of the 1980s, seemed to be “City Under Siege”. It was six glorious years.

In the 1990s there was an attempt to revive “Police Academy”. The makers of the series, perhaps nostalgic, returned in 1994 with an bizarro movie about bootleg Game Boys. Ron Perlman stars in this one. Then, in 1997, came an obscure “Police Academy” one-season sitcom. Michael Winslow, one of the cast members from the film, was featured in the show’s central role. Other stars Leslie Easterbrook David Graf Tim Kazurinsky Art Metrano George Gaynes, and Colleen campReturning as guest stars in single episodes. 

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