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#Clare Celeste Börsch

February 5, 2024

Grace Ebert

“Phoenix” (2024). All images © Clare Celeste Börsch, shared with permission

In the works of Clare Celeste Börsch (Earlier). The Berlin-based artist continues to study ecology as she weaves paper cutouts together into immersive ecosystems where butterflies, birds and plants coexist.

Börsch’s most recent work, “Phoenix,” takes its name from the mythological bird at its center. The creature emerges from an explosive volcanic eruption, signaling rebirth. It was a symbol that emerged after the trauma of the past few years and her health issues. “In a world marked by change and uncertainty, we can find solace in the cycles of nature,” the artist says. “It is my hope that ‘Phoenix’ serves as a visual metaphor for our shared capacity to rise anew.”

If you’re in Berlin, you can see the piece as part of a pop-up exhibition through February 15, along with the artist’s “Biodiversity” installation starting February 13 at the Mexican Embassy and a new work within a cell at the former Köpenick PrisonThis spring. If you’re not in the mood for that, then head to InstagramVisit her website to see more of the collaged environments.


a tangle of colorful paper cutouts of plant and animal life

Detail of “Phoenix” (2024)

an installation of a paper phoenix rising from a volcano with mushrooms, plants, insects, and birds surrounding

Detail of “Phoenix” (2024)

the artist crouches down in front of an installation of palm laves and tropical flowers with yellow and blue butterflies above

For Scope Art Fair (2023)

a collaged installation of leaves, flowers, and butterflies

Detail of a installation for Scope Art Fair (2023)

a blossoming installation of flowers, leaves, birds, and butterflies on a gallery wall. the artist stands in front looking at the work

a sprawling, mycelial network on a white gallery wall with flowers and plants growing from it

“Under Garden” (2022)

Detail of a sprawling, mycelial network on a white gallery wall with flowers and plants growing from it

Detail of “Under Garden” (2022)

#Clare Celeste Börsch


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